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Girl Gang Chicago Empowering Women


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You ever feel like you need a set of power-driven, down-to-earth and supportive girly girls?! Sounds like a tough find no? Well you've just stumbled upon a group of ROCKSTAR women - that join forces to network, pay it forward and support each other's endeavors (as cray cray as they may be).

This little girl gang is comprised of women seeking non-judgmental friendship, positive reinforcement and a little "kick in the rear" motivation! We are all about building a community of GIRL BOSSES! Whether you're a college student or a career-driven powerhouse - we have a little something for everyone! CHECK US OUT.

Who We Are

Passion is Energy

Girl Gang Chicago Empowering Women
Girl Gang Chicago Empowering Women

Let's take YOU to the next level  by joining our gang and jumping in with both feet! There is no fee, there is no commitment, and there is no laziness! Join us online or in person - but JOIN US! Click here to take the oath!






Chicago - Miami - Los Angeles

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