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Meet the Queen


Kymberlee Helmuth: A Journey of Passion, Resilience, and Empowerment

**Everything Happens for a Reason**
Every trial, every challenge, every moment... Kymberlee Helmuth believes they all serve a purpose. It's a philosophy she has carried with her throughout her life's journey.

**Building Bridges Through Business**

With sheer determination, focus on hard work, and unwavering integrity, Kymberlee has established not one, but **two pioneering businesses** that flourish today. Big Shot Marketing and Fly Girl Dance & Fitness are testaments to her drive and commitment.

**From Pain to Purpose**

As a child, Kymberlee faced the harsh blows of bullying. However, these experiences only fueled her passion to form meaningful relationships and spread positivity. Now, she is on a mission to unite women, celebrating their diversity, strength, and shared dreams.

**Triumph Over Trials**

Kymberlee's journey has not been without its fair share of battles. She bravely faced a 15-year eating disorder, a struggle she openly shares about today. Her story isn’t just about her own recovery; it's about inspiring countless other women to rise above similar challenges. Through self-reflection and relentless effort, she has turned her past pain into a beacon of hope for others.

**An Inspirational Voice in Fitness and Beyond**

As the mind behind Fly Girl Dance & Fitness, Kymberlee's influence is felt strongly in the world of fitness. She's not just a successful entrepreneur; she's a sought-after speaker and fitness presenter, making waves with her insights and expertise.

**Girl Gang Chicago: Empowering the #GirlBosses of Today**

Kymberlee’s dedication to women empowerment gave birth to the *Girl Gang Chicago*. A community where women:
1. Connect with other positive forces,
2. Support fellow #GirlBosses and their visions, and
3. Participate in dynamic events that redefine networking and foster real growth.

**Driven, Dynamic, Dedicated**

Intensity and drive define Kymberlee. She isn't just an entrepreneur; she's a leader, a mentor, and an inspiration to many who cross her path.


Dive deeper into Kymberlee's world, her projects, and her inspiring journey at [](

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