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Meet  Natalie


Business: The Hustlin Momma

Name: Natalie Ruckauf





Natalie Ruckauf is a former geologist turned online lifestyle coach and group fitness instructor who is passionate about helping future moms and current moms hustle to become the women that they always wanted to be through their health and fitness journeys.  She hosts private communities via Facebook where women can work on their fitness and nutrition and share their struggles and successes. Natalie has a coaching team for women looking to become financially fit who share the same passion as her about wanting to be a part of something bigger than themselves, making an impact in the lives of others and wanting to pay it forward in helping others on their health and fitness journeys.  As a group fitness instructor, Natalie teaches Cize LIVE, Turbo Kick LIVE and Pound formats that allow women to be a beautiful work in progress, gain confidence and become stronger mentally and physically. 

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