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Events with a Damn Purpose

We're tired of tripping over to the next netWORKing event only to leave unfulfilled, a little tipsy on cheap wine...and quite honestly...sad. Why can't we find an event where we leave EM-F'N-POWERED, Inspired, JACKED too the moon and our little brains full of KICK ASS ideas!?  We want to leave with a rolodex (HA! remember those!?) full of NEW contacts and social media stalkers! 

OH wait...we've got just the little soiree for YOU! Meet our GANG the F' UP events. We are not only bringing some POWER HOUSE entrepreneurs, mentors, Mommas and #GirlBosses...we're FORCING them to bring the FOR REALS details of how they built their brand, business and lifestyle. It may get UGLY...the truth and the pain of what we go through takes us to the NEXT LEVEL...and they're sharing their dirty secrets!

We set  intimate settings so we can MIX, mingle and potentially make a new bestie all in one night! Yay! Bring your BIZness cards, your beautiful smile and get ready to LEVEL UP your game! We don’t care if you’re a budding entrepreneur or if you’ve got six kids at home… We know you’ve got goals and we’re all about goal GANG digging! So get ready Princess! 🔥.

See you at the next GANG MEETING! xo

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