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Meet  Maggie

maggie pic.jpg

Business: Hometown Real Estate LLC

Name: Magdalena Dylong




Maggie Dylong is the premier representative for real estate in and around Chicago. She is known and relied upon by buyers, sellers and their agents the city over because she takes her profession to the highest levels of quality service. Maggie combines impeccable judgment with knowledge of the real estate and financial markets in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, while at the same time, understanding the special needs of top-of-the-market buyers and sellers. Discretion is assured. She has a gift for matching remarkable homes with remarkable lives.

Maggie has been instrumental in hundreds of successful real estate transactions. Every client has benefited from Maggie's personal attention and very valuable advice. She is committed to making sure that every detail of every sale goes smoothly, whether complex international financing needs to be arranged or a leaky faucet that must be fixed before closing - Maggie will see that it is done to your satisfaction.

With a ready smile, she will tell you about her most interesting deal: it's yours.   

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